Baby Jesus and His Puppy

Piper’s dreams are simple: she wants a dog or she wants to be a dog. She also wants chocolate for every meal. Oh, and she wants me permanently attached to her side. Just in case she needs some chocolate.

This morning at our church’s Christmas pageant, one of Piper’s dreams came true. She was transformed into a dog. She got to bark and sleep on stage and generally misbehave. She wore dog ears and a dog nose, which made dog noises when you squeezed it the right way. Just so you know dogs don’t behave just because Baby Jesus decides to make an appearance. Neither did Piper. Fortunately, misbehaving animals were in the script.

The innkeeper’s wife, otherwise known as Sissy, shoed the dogs, donkeys, sheep, etc. out of the barn to make room for Mary and her baby. Sissy called them “filthy animals.” It was in the script. She’s usually not so harsh. Piper the dog understood, even though she’s not used to Sissy speaking to her in such a manner. “It’s ACTING, Mom. I get it.”


All the Single Ladies

The house is officially decked. The tree is up. We’re eating on snowman plates. Holiday music is on tap. All the nativity scenes have been arranged and rearranged. Piper likes to round up all the various baby Jesus’ and puts them in a nursery together. The Josephs like to hang out in a “man cave,” which is probably not that far from the truth of time period. And the Marys? Piper has that figured out, too.

“These Marys need a girls night! They’ve got to be so bored just kneeling there watching the baby Jesus day after day after day. They need to dance!”