History in the Making: Sissy’s Post

Sissy’s back! And guest blogging today:

Piper’s friend, Alex, came over to play yesterday. After a good half hour of giggling behind closed doors, Piper and Alex decided to open their own business. This first business served plastic food and sold genuine gems. It wasn’t very successful. The second business offered massages that involved rubbing your back with pillows and hitting your feet with princess wands. Being a good big sister (and being very bored) I played along. Their final business idea was to start a history museum. They led me downstairs to our living room and put on fake, old timey accents.

“Look around you. All the stuff you see Indians made,” announced Piper.

I looked around. A piano, TV, couch, rocking chair and guitar. Man, we don’t give Indians enough credit.

“Umm, Piper. That’s not true,” whispered Alex.

“Shh, Alex. You’re ruining it!” Piper whispered back with a sideways glance at me.

“Next, let’s look at the things me and Alex have. The Indians gave them to us,” Piper continued.

I stared at a glow wand, little treasure chest, and plastic coin. All were clearly marked Made in China.

“Now for some history,” Piper began. “Technically, they aren’t aposed to be called Indians. They’re ‘ative Americans. This guy came and thought he was in India, and called them Indians. So,”

“Piper, the man’s name was Christopher Columbus,” I interrupted. “He sailed to America in 1492. Some people say he discovered America.”

Alex stared at me, the living textbook, but Piper brushed my words away. “ That’s what I said. Christy Rhombus. I know that stuff cause I’m a museum girl.”

It’s true. Our parents do drag us to a lot of museums. I guess if she flunks kindergarten, Piper’ll make A’s in history.