Fro Yo Love

Last night we went out for a favorite Friday night treat: Fro Yo. Piper’s daddy is a bit of a fanatic for the fruity frozen custard. While we were enjoying our dessert we got a message from Augie’s parents (see Soulmates and You Know You Have a Valentine’s Day Hangover When for Augie info) letting us know that he’d declared Piper his best friend in his preschool yearbook.  Now it’s in print.  Their soulmate status has reached a new level.

“You never know when you’ll meet your soulmate, Piper. Who knows?” Piper’s dad said.

Piper rolled her eyes, threw away her empty frozen yogurt cup, and climbed up in the chair with her Sissy.  The new American Girl magazine was much more interesting than dad’s love lecture.

“I met your mother on a chance encounter at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial back in 1996,” dad continued, undeterred by Piper’s obvious lack of interest. “You just never know.”

“Dad,” Piper said. “Could you please stop talking about the love stuff? Thanks.”