Stitches. Again.

Piper is a very brave girl. She even has a badge Sissy made her to prove it. See:


How did she earn her brave girl status? Four stitches in her chin. A trip to the ER. Again.

Piper is prone to accidents. I usually just glue her back together. I blogged about my preferred brand of kid glue here. But not even my superglue could mend this nasty gape. Her pediatrician took one look at it and shook his head. Nope. The Emergency Room.

She hardly shed a tear. I told Piper she didn’t have to be so brave. “I know,” Piper said, “I just am.”

I know what you’re thinking. What crazy thing was Piper doing to bust open her precious face? Hanging from the monkey bars? Playing with broken glass? No. Walking. She was walking across the floor in her classroom. Dangerous, right? She was so excited to show Mrs. A her work that she didn’t notice Daniel’s foot hanging out in the aisle. She hit so hard Mrs. A was convinced she wouldn’t have any teeth left. A concussion was mentioned. Poor baby. Poor teacher.

She even got a cool plastic bracelet from the hospital WITH HER NAME ON IT.

“Don’t cut off my bracelet, Mom, whatever you do,” Piper said.

“You want to keep wearing it?”

“Of course. The other kids will think it’s so cool. Then I’ll get lots of attention for my stitches. Kids love that stuff.”

Just Keep Swimming. What Do We Do? We Swim.

We spent yesterday at a water park. It was Piper’s first. She had no fear.  I kind of wish she’d had a tiny bit. Piper ran to the top of every slide and plunged herself down each tube with no idea of what would meet her at the bottom. She ran under waterfalls and laughed when she fell out of the float on the lazy river. There was no stopping her courage. It was terrifying. I’ve never been more proud.

Piper has been a little reluctant about the whole swimming thing. She’s wanted a float, water wings, and a life jacket. She’s taken swimming lessons and told me that “they just didn’t work.” All that changed yesterday afternoon. Sissy and Piper went into the three foot pool together to “work on” the swimming thing. Piper forgot her reluctance and just took off kicking. And just like that we have a swimmer. Within ten minutes she was diving to the bottom of the pool and racing her sister in laps. Sissy swims like a fish, but Piper wasn’t far behind.

To celebrate, they shared a chocolate milkshake.

Piper showed her true strength and beat her Sissy to the bottom of the cup.

When in Doubt, Tutu

You know what we need around this house?

More rainbow tutus.  That’s what. Papa was visiting last week and he brought another round of frilly accessories.  It’s the Papa prerogative.

A rainbow tutu makes the Piper feel like a superhero.

In a tutu, the Piper can fly.

That’s a good thing, right? I want her to do things like this:

Even I can spot the the brave girl in a pink tutu. Piper is the third one up from the bottom. Climb, baby, climb.