Pie Face

I made a berry pie for dessert tonight. It’s cooling on the countertop. The crust is flaky and brown. Blueberry and blackberry juices have seeped out a bit at the side. The house smells delicious.

It would be a Norman Rockwell moment really except that I have to yell “PIPER, GET AWAY FROM THE PIE!” every other second.

She sniffs it. She pokes the pie. She tries to slip a finger into the berry juices.

“If you don’t get away from the pie, I’ll…I’ll…stuff your face in it!” I yell. Not my best parenting move, I’ll give you that. It just came out.

“Well, Mom,” Piper said, “that’s kind of what I was hoping for.”

Cupcakes Wars. It’s About to Get Real.

I timed us. It took 92 minutes for Piper, Sissy, and me to make a dozen raspberry lemondade cupcakes. Yum.

Sissy and I made the cake. From scratch. With fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, and homemade raspberry puree. Piper and I made the icing. From scratch. I have powdered sugar in my hair to prove it (Piper did the pouring).

We aren’t ready for Cupcakes Wars, which happens to be our favorite show. During the first round of baking you have to make a dozen cupcakes in 30 minutes. If you make it to the final round, 1000 cupcakes in 2 hours. We aren’t prime time material.

92 minutes isn’t going to cut it. We may do okay in the taste test round, but then again, there weren’t any leftovers to share. Piper ate them all.