Beach Illustrated

According to Piper, this is what the beach looks like:


There is always a rainbow at the beach. Your mommy is always with you. And those big bright shiny things in the sky? That’s how bright the stars are at the beach. Sometimes you see shooting stars, too. Your rainbow protects you from their fall.

Your mom carries a sand bucket and a shovel for you at the beach, too. Oh, and mom is green. Either green was the only crayon available or Piper watched the Wizard of Oz at the beach for the first time. But, really, if your mom was a witch, would she carry your sand castle making implements? I don’t think so.

7 thoughts on “Beach Illustrated

  1. Melissa, Jill and I are hooked on Piperisms. We are in the Miami airport waitng to fly to Bogota for the second semester at CNG. If we are lucky, we will see Piper’s special rainbow.

    Dave and Jill

    • Oh, Jill and Dave. Saudade de voce! So glad to hear from you. Glad you’re enjoying piperisms. As you can see, she cracks us up. She’s the kid I didn’t know I needed. Such a blessing. She fills our house with giggles. In Piper’s world, there are rainbows everywhere. Hope you find one. We love and miss you all so much!

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