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We’ve been busy here at piperism.  I started this blog at the beginning of 2012 on a double dog dare.  Why not record some of Piper’s antics and adventures? Why not share her unintentional wisdom? We found that we were telling our favorite piperisms to each other anyway.  “Wait until I tell you what Piper said.” “Oh. I’ve got a good one.  Listen to this piperism.”  The material seemed endless.

So, I began without knowing the end. It’s been a leap of faith for this Virgo who loves a list and plans life much in advance. It’s been a surprise to have so many readers and share so many laughs.  I’m grateful you stop by.  I hope you stay with us.  Piper and I are traveling this week.  Just the two of us. I’m putting us both on a technology diet, so piperism might be quiet for a few days. We’ll be back, though, new and improved with fresh stories to tell.  See you then.

And to tide you over during our hiatus, here are the top ten piperisms of 2012:

Hold On. We’re Going Gaga

Words You Didn’t Know You Needed

Drunk Dialing or Something Like It

Raising Star Wars Girls


A Rainbow of Fruit Flavors

Piper Ruins Your Lunch

I’ll Raise You a Lalaloopsy

You, Too, Could Win the Prize

Sometimes You Get What You Need Part 2

6 thoughts on “Piperism Retrospect

  1. Enjoy your travels! I look forward to hearing new Piperisms on your return.
    In case you miss it since you are traveling, I passed along the One Lovely Blog Award to you. 😉

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