Sometimes You Get What You Need Part Two

I didn’t know I needed a Piper until I got one.  For those readers who know Piper’s older sister, you won’t be surprised when I admit to being a Superior Parent.  That’s someone who has such an easy, well-mannered, logical first born that they assume everyone else is just doing it wrong.  Piper’s older sister was potty trained in about two minutes.  I just sat her down and explained the process and how we could spend more money on adult beverages and toys if we didn’t have to buy diapers.  It made complete sense.  Potty training was complete.  I think she’s disobeyed me exactly once in her lifetime. I’m hoping she’ll do more. We were a happy family of three type A overachievers living in an ordered world and along comes a Piper.

In her defense I had fair warning.  My entire pregnancy was like that scene from the movie Alien where you can make out the body parts through the stomach skin. My midwife once stood back in awe and said, “Well. I’ve never seen that before.” I’m pretty sure baby Piper was break dancing in there.  She intended to make a mess of my world.  And she did.  And I’m glad every hilarious, sometimes frustrating minute. Snuggling on the couch this afternoon, Piper asked, “Mommy, what did you laugh about before you had me?” I honestly can’t remember.  She teaches me every day how little control you can have over a force like love.

In case you missed it, here’s Sometimes You Get What You Need Part One.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Get What You Need Part Two

  1. That’s what happens when you read too many parenting books on how to be a parent. They teach you text book situations and solutions. You should try to find the book Raising and taming the Tansmanian Devil inside your child. I believe it is a small read sponsored by Zoloft. I raised 2 of them. They always make life fun

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