Cheap Therapy

I’ve had a lot of arrangements for this mothering business. I’ve stayed home full time with both Sissy and Piper. I’ve worked full time with both Sissy and Piper. I’ve been a full time student and a part-time stay at home mom.  I’ve been a full time working at home mom, too. None of it’s easy.  All of it has its rewards. Most of it is awesome. All of it is exhausting.  So, you can imagine my relief tonight when I returned home from a long day of teaching to find an in house therapist just waiting to fulfill my every need.

What did I order? Tonight I went with the half hour massage chat and a drink. $16 seems reasonable. Sissy sat and took notes while I talked.  She may be keeping a file on me. I dearly hope it’s not for her own therapy one day. Piper sort of rubbed at my feet and then played with my hair. I think that was my massage. I sipped a lukewarm cup of chamomile tea. What more could a hard working mom want? When my bill came, I left a nice tip.

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