Hold On. We’re Going Gaga.

It may be a mixed blessing that Piper misunderstands Lady Gaga lyrics, especially since she likes to belt them out on the playground and teach her peers Gaga like dance moves. First, a disclaimer.  I do not endorse nor recommend that young impressionable children listen to inappropriate music intended for adults’ ears.  But if you’ve heard a Lady Gaga song and didn’t bust a move, more power to you.  Piper writes her own lyrics anyway, so I haven’t yet had to explain that love can be fun and healthy even if it’s not rough and that you don’t have to get your guy high just to show him what you got.  I do lecture at length about the Gaga’s grammar errors, but that’s a post for another day.  So, in case you were wondering, here is what the Gaga is really saying.  Feel free to sing along.

“Pokerface” Curry my, curry my (Who doesn’t love a little curry, right?). Pucker face. (Cue fish lips).  Ma ma ma ma pucker face.  My pucker face.  Wait..is it Piper face, mom?  Is that what the Gaga is singing? (Piper calls her “the” Gaga out of respect).

“Bad Romance” Ra ah ra ah ah ah. Bad RoNancy. (That Nancy has terrible luck in love).

“Monster” That boy is a monster. Stop! Can’t touch this! (MC Hammer often interrupts and totally should if you’re dating a monster).

“Telephone” Stop calling. Stop calling. I don’t want to walk anymore.  I’m kind of dancing. Kind of dancing. (Here’s a video of what Piper means by “kind of dancing.” You may want to put down your drink):


Those voices you hear in the background are my parents, who took Piper out to dinner that night, cheering her antics on.

16 thoughts on “Hold On. We’re Going Gaga.

  1. My daughter sings this too!!! She sings “Rah Rah ooo Rah Rah!”. So glad to hear she is not alone in her advanced musical choices. (ps- I love the name Piper).

    • It’s terribly contagious, isn’t it? Piper even has a rating system for how well we do the “rah rah ooo rah rah,” and we never do it right. She’s a tough critic. Thanks for reading! I’ll have to blog soon about how Piper ended up with that name. It’s a fun story, too.

  2. Oh my gosh! Lucy also has been sucked in by “the gaga’s” songs and their catchiness. And she too chooses to try and teach others these delightful songs, depite lyrical misunderstandings. Lucy’s bad romance goes “Ra ra oh mama ra ra , my fireman” 🙂
    I’m a big fan of the piperisms, she’s a cutie!

    • Lucy and Piper could definitely have their own Gaga tribute band. We could get Charlotte on the drums, too. They’d take the kindergarten world by storm. And for the record, I think Lucy writes better lyrics than the Gaga.

  3. I love how Piper is moving closer and closer to the stage and claiming more and more of the audience. That poor band: how could they compete?

  4. I think it’s safe to say that Piper drew all the attention to her…and it’s well deserved!! haha your posts are great, and they make me laugh every time I read them.

  5. Love hearing Geno’s laughter in the background. As a grandparent that loves her grandchildren just as much and loves my brother so much, this made my day! Go Piper!

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