You Can’t Give Up on Christmas

Papa outdid himself this year. The Christmas tree seems to be getting bigger with each additional grandchild. A tall ladder is needed for hanging lights and ornaments.

Here is Piper’s view tonight.


Those are the second story ceiling beams near the top of the tree. Next year he may have to put in skylights. Piper approves.

“It’s the most beautiful Christmas tree I’ve every seen!” Piper declared tonight while coloring. Her dad strummed holiday tunes nearby. We all sang along.

Then we guessed at the logistics of getting a tree that large in the house.

“I’ll bet Papa had it delivered,” Sissy said.

“Probably. It definitely wouldn’t have fit in the car,” Daddy agreed.

“Papa knows how to do Christmas. He tries and tries,” Piper said. “You can never give up on Christmas!”

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