Bath Time

Piper’s dad has always been in charge of bath time. It’s not a soothing, calming, get ready for sleep ritual.  It’s a play, splash, dump water on the kids time. Dad has a big plastic cup which he empties all over Piper’s head without warning. Much of the water ends up on the floor. We don’t have tear free shampoo nor bubble bath. Piper and Sissy grew up this way. When other kids timidly blew bubbles at swim class, our girls dove in. For better or for worse, this is bath time in our house. Last night I overheard Piper inquiring about his techniques.

“Dad, where did you learn how to give baths?”

“Well, you just kind of figure it out. Also, we took a childbirth class before Sissy was born. They teach you stuff like baths and diapers.”

“This is how they told you to bathe us?”

“I think so.”

“Dad, you might need a refresher course.”

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