Whoonu? I Knew.

It was a wild Friday night. Piper and I made banana bread. Then we ate all the banana bread. Okay, we shared a few creamy butter slathered slices with Sissy and her friends. Then we all gathered around a game of Whoonu. What? You’ve never played Whoonu? It’s the perfect family game. And it’s especially fun if you have visitors.

Cranium Whoonu

The idea is that you’re guessing each other’s favorite things. You draw four cards. Each card has a word like bowling, lemonade, painting your nails, back rubs, strawberries, cartoons, etc. The crowd tries to guess what things the designated person likes best. The designated person has to leave the room or promise not to peek. Then the designated person rank orders their favorites. If you guess correctly, you get the most points. Then everyone says “Whoonu?” as in “Gosh. I’ve been married to you for fifteen years and I didn’t know you loved poodles?” It’s a hoot.

Cranium Whoonu

The real fun starts when Piper feigns her disappointment in our ability to guess anything about her correctly. Suddenly she hates ballet and cartoons and tutus. She also hates playing, the color blue, and parties. Surprising, yes? Shocking, really. It’s part of her charm while playing Whoonu to be utterly upset because we people who live in her house don’t seem to know her at all. Sometimes she can work up a tear or two because she is clearly so unloved. Last night Sissy gave her “dogs,” which happens to be Piper’s favorite thing on the planet. “Sissy, how could you?” Piper shook her head in outrage.

“What? You love dogs.”

“You people don’t know me at all.”

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