20 Questions. Or 5. Same Thing.

Here’s a conversation I overhead last night when Piper’s daddy was giving Piper a bath.

I was, of course, hiding in the other room checking Facebook catching up on work email.

Piper: “Dad, do you want to play 50 questions?”

Dad: “Do you mean 20 questions?”

Piper: “You’re right. That’s too many. How about 1 question?”

Dad: “Okay. One question. I’ll start. Do you ever pick your nose?”

Piper: “Yes. A lot.”

Giggle. Giggle. I think I heard Dad high five her.

Dad: “Okay. Here’s another one. What’s the last thing you think about at night?”

Piper: “My family. Or what I did at school that day.”

Dad: “Your turn.”

Piper. “That’s more than one question, you know. Don’t you know how to play this game?”

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