The Case of the Absent-Minded Professor

Piper thinks her dad is a vampire. Here is her evidence:

Dad has black hair and wears a lot of black clothing.

He is kind of pale.

Dad likes to stay up late and sleep in.

He is allergic to garlic.

When I assess Piper’s list, I have to admit it seems rather incriminating. He is an academic (thus the pasty) who takes her to the park in the afternoon (thus staying up late to catch up on work), and he does wear a lot of black (suits, that is, it’s DC folks). The garlic thing is a severe allergy, entirely not his fault.

“You know how I really know Daddy is a vampire?” Piper asked.

I was going to ignore the line of questioning because I’ve been trying to dissuade the topic, but I knew her readers would want to know.

“Ok. How come?”

“Because he’s not a very good rememberer. He forgets his keys, his wallet, his lunch. A vampire doesn’t need those things. He just needs blood. You can’t forget your blood.”

4 thoughts on “The Case of the Absent-Minded Professor

  1. Lol – my husband is an academic, and Puerto Rican. One day he was making fun of his “white girl” wife and I had to compare skin tones. It’s amazing what all that time indoors can do to a guy

    • Pasty, indeed. Piper is the only one in our family without glasses also. She wants them so bad. The rest of us have just ruined our eyesight by keeping our noses in books. There’s hope for her yet. Thanks for reading the blog!

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