To Cut or Not to Cut

Piper and I were reading a book last night in which a little girl cut her own hair.

“I would never do that, Mommy,” Piper promised.

“That’s good to hear,” I said. “People who cut hair have special training so they know how to do it.”

“Anna said her mom cuts her hair.”

“Well, maybe she has special training.”

“I don’t think so,” Piper said. “It doesn’t look so good. My teacher said Anna should go to a barbecue next time instead.”


6 thoughts on “To Cut or Not to Cut

  1. LOL! Don’t tell Piper this but I cut both my boys hair and I have no special training. I wonder if their teachers think they look funny and need to go to a barbecue. 🙂

    • For the record, I checked out Anna’s hair at school today and it looked totally fine. I once cut P’s hair, too, when she was two into an adorable bob. It was a snow day and she was watching TV. Dora distracted her and she didn’t even see my scissors. It was out of sheer boredom. Let’s never tell P, okay?

    • Briefly. Tangled definitely influenced her not to cut her hair for quite awhile. Luckily, Cousin Olivia cut hers and Piper realized it was cool, again. I have a bob much like the accidental chop off of hair at the conclusion of Tangled. Piper likes to point out that the bob was an act of desperation not a true fashion choice.

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