Who Are You People, Anyway?

Piper is shocked that her parents might actually be interesting people to anyone outside the four-year-old world.  On our last road trip she asked if I always carry snacks in my bag.  I told her I did.  As she happily munched away on gold fish she hypothesized, “That’s probably why Daddy liked you when you met.  He’s always hungry!”  Because, really, what other possible explanation would there be for our courtship?  Piper is equally amazed that anyone wants to hear what we have to say in our professional lives. A few weeks ago my partner announced at the dinner table that he’d been invited to give a talk at a policy institute downtown.  Piper asked immediately if he’d be telling the truth or making stuff up.  He said they’d probably want the truth. Then she suggested, “Daddy, you shouldn’t use potty words like you do at home.” True. True.  When Piper visited her father’s office on campus she declared it “lame” until she saw that she could do this on his big screens:

If you can play Disney games in high definition, you must have some worth, right?

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