Sweet 16

One of Piper’s favorite holiday gifts was this thing:

It’s a unicorn. It’s a night light. It’s a pillow. What more could a Piper want?

If you’ve watched any kid’s shows lately on t.v., you’ve probably seen the unicorn pillow pet night light advertised. Piper fell for the propaganda.

“I wanted one of these SOOO bad!” Piper exclaimed as she ripped open the wrapping paper. Grandma and Grandpa watched in adoration.

“See?” Grandma whispered to Grandpa. “Told ya so!”

“I watched all those commercials and wanted this unicorn pillow pet dream light SOOO bad,” Piper said. “But you had to be 16 years old to order it and I’m only 5. The commercial said you had to be 16 or have your parent’s permission. I knew they’d never approve.”

“You could have just pretended to be 16, you know. They’d never know,” Cousin Jillian said. Piper’s eyes grew wide.

“Really?” Piper asked. “I should have done that. Darn. I didn’t know you could do that! That changes EVERYTHING.”

8 thoughts on “Sweet 16

  1. That *does* change everything. Thank goodness family visits are a sporadic occurrence! 😉 My youngest learned some choice words from grandpa & their stuncles.

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