If You Like Pina Coladas

We’re breaking in the New Year on an island this year.  It’s the same island we’ve been coming to for more than a decade.  This year our family and friends crew has grown to 18. Some years we have more. Some years we have less. It’s always a grand party with cards, sand castles, and potlucks. Each day begins and ends with sun and sand.

Piper is not much for long walks on the beach. She’s not a fan of the sand and all the places that sand seems to creep. In between bursts of chasing seagulls, Piper needs to rest. She’s always looking for a place to sit, but this secluded paradise doesn’t offer enough actual seating for her taste. “Why doesn’t this beach have more benches and places to sit?” Piper complained.

“Probably because it’s a beach,” Dad offered.

“It needs some chairs!”

Piper had a similar complaint at the zoo. And at the theme parks. And the airport. The girl likes to sit. She seems to tire easily.

“Are you feeling okay, P? You seem worn out a lot,” Dad asked. “Maybe we should take you to the doctor. Or put you to bed earlier.”

“Nah,” Piper said, “there’s nothing really wrong. It’s just my attitude. I have a very bad beach attitude.”

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