An Apple a Day. Or Not.

Sissy did a locker inspection today. It didn’t turn out well for Piper. Sissy told on her after school.

“So I was walking through the hall today and I saw Piper’s coat hanging out of her locker. Being the awesome big sister that I am, I stopped to open the door and tuck in her coat.”

“Sounds like you were spying,” I said.

“Guess what I found?” Sissy reported. “Apples. Rotting apples. In a plastic bag. On her snack shelf. That’s disgusting.”

“I kind of like them,” Piper said. “They’re all brown and mushy.”

“Why do you have rotting apples in your locker?” I had to ask. I couldn’t stop myself.

“You sent them for snack but we didn’t have time to eat snack that day so I keep them there,” Piper explained. Perfectly logical. “It was awhile ago.”

“Why didn’t you throw them away?” I asked.

“They’re cool.”

“Ewww,” Sissy said, “that’s totally gross.”

“I offered them to Daniel, but he didn’t want them.” Giggle, giggle.  “So then I truth or dared Kieron to eat them. He wouldn’t either.”

“What was the truth?”

Piper thought about that. “Okay. I dared and dared Kieron to eat them. He still wouldn’t do it.”

“You need to throw them away, Piper,” I said.

Piper thought some more. “Maybe.”

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