Name Your Own Adventure

We thought long and hard before we named Piper Piper. I’ve written about the pitfalls of “Baby Naming 101” for Mothering. I’ve professed our scientific baby naming process in “What in a Name? Guts.” I’m no baby naming rookie. So I thought we’d gotten it right. She’s a Piper, yes? Of course she is.

From the backseat today, Piper told us she’d made a big decision.

“I don’t want to be Piper anymore,” she said.

“What? Like you don’t want to be you?” Sissy asked.

“No, I’ll still be me. I just don’t want to be Piper. I’m changing my name.”

“Why?” Daddy asked. We’d just swung through the train station and picked him up 13 seconds earlier. Parenting makes you hit the ground running.

“I want a normal name.” My heart sank. This was my biggest fear in naming the Piper Piper. What if she hated it? What if she blames us later for giving her the coolest name on the planet because she doesn’t appreciate its coolness?

“I want to be Rebecca,” Piper said.

“That is a nice name,” I agreed.

“Nope. You’re a Piper,” Sissy insisted.

“Or Rosie.”

“Okay,” Daddy said, “but you’ll probably need to decide.”

“Yeah,” Piper said, “but it’s kind of a big decision.”

I know, Piper. Believe me, I know.

4 thoughts on “Name Your Own Adventure

  1. what can I say–both my boys are named George, one it is his first name, the other it is his middle name–one I call by his second name (the one whose first name is George) and the other I call by his first name (the one whose second name is George). They also both have my maiden name thrown in for good measure. Both of their grandfathers were named George–only explanation I can give–it also saved my marriage by having George in their names (don’t ask)

    • Well, inquiring minds do want to know. But if a name isn’t broken-and George is a fine one-why reinvent the wheel? We have four Genes in our family and my father suggested I name Piper Eugenia. She should be thanking me not blaming me.

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