If I Had a Million Dollars

The dinner table conversation last night turned quickly from “What are you grateful for?” (our standard) to “If you could have a super power, what would it be?” (the inevitable) to “What would you do with a million dollars?” Piper’s answer was quick. She’s a bit impulsive. I’m hoping she never actually has a million dollars.

“I would SPEND, SPEND, SPEND,” she said, dancing around the table with what must have been her fairy spending wand.

“I’d buy us a house,” Dad said. Real estate is a bit pricey in our neck of the woods. A million dollars may get us a nice detached three bedroom.

“I think I’d give some away,” Sissy said. “We’re pretty lucky. A lot of people aren’t.”

Everyone looked down at their full dinner plates. Then Piper said, “That’s what I meant. I’d SPEND it on someone else.”

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