A Piper Doesn’t Do That

Piper likes to play hard. She’s not as keen on cleaning up.

Last night Piper and Sissy got out their fort making materials: sixteen pillows, two sets of Craniums, every blanket in the house, and every toy they could shove inside. The fort took up most of our basement. It had multiple rooms and multiple pathways to and from the wings. It was fortastic. They played and played. We let them keep it up for friends to come play, too.

This morning it was time to clean it all up. “Before we head to the park, you girls need to clean up the basement,” Dad said.

Sissy climbed off her chair and bounded down the steps. Happily, as far as we know.

Piper didn’t move. She just sat licking maple syrup off of her fork. Then she slowly turned to her dad and said, “A Piper doesn’t like to pick up. A Piper only likes to play.”

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