You’d Be Broccoli

A Piper likes to categorize her world. It gives her comfort. It’s also decent practice for the analogy section on the SAT. You can never start too young.

Yesterday, on the drive home from church, Piper piped up with a new set of categories. I mean, we have our Cutie Marks and all, but we hadn’t considered the array of fruits and vegetables we could be.

“Mom,” Piper said, “you’d be broccoli.”


“Yeah. ‘Cuz you’re good for us.”

“And what would you be, P?”

She was quiet in the backseat, thinking over her options. We all know it’s not a tomato. She definitely didn’t want to be the dreaded broccoli, either. Yuck.

“I’d be a blueberry,” she declared. “I’m tiny and juicy.”

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