More Words You Didn’t Know You Needed

Piper continues to add to our family vocabulary. You may want to catch up on the vernacular with the first Words You Didn’t Know You Needed before trying out these new ones.

noodle-slized.  Go ahead and say it fast. You may get it that way. As in “Mom, I noodle-slized that my birthday is coming up. Let’s play Candyland.” I just noodle-slized she means “realized.” 

structions. Piper gives a lot of these. We always like to read the structions before we play Candyland. We’re hoping one day to discover a point to the game. Until then, we just do what we’re told.

Milton Bradley - CandyLand

nusually. When something happens often, it nusually happens. Piper nusually picks up after Candyland, but I noodle-sized she left the pieces all over the floor when I stepped on one in the middle of the night. Clearly, my structions weren’t clear.

chotskies. The girl loves a veggie sausage. We don’t have any idea how these became chotskies, but that’s what they are. Piper loves to munch on chotskies while playing Candyland.

Finally, I regret to inform Piper’s fans that lemolade may be a thing of the past. Blame it on Sissy.

“Piper, you know you’re drinking lemoNADE, right?”

“Yep,” Piper said, licking her lips. “I love lemolade.”

“No. It’s lemoNADE.”

“Oh. LemoNADE. Got it.”

We were considering grounding Sissy for her trespasses, but then who would blog and make Star of the Week posters and other things that Piper’s mother really should be doing?

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