It’s Pho-tastic

We took Piper out for her first experience with pho tonight. She promised to at least try everything. First, she ordered fresh spring rolls “without all that green stuff, please,” which meant no lettuce. She basically had a vermicelli noodle and tofu stick left, but she was happy.

Then, came the pho.  We’re vegetarians, so it was your basic bowl of broth, noodles, and veggies. With sriracha sauce, of course. Yum.

Piper peered inside her bowl and asked, “Why is my food all wet?”

Then she began digging around separating the stuff she liked: carbohydrates from the less desired: vegetables. She agreed to the broccoli, though. Piper thinks anything you can eat with chopsticks and cool soup spoons is good. “It’s pho-tastic!” she declared, proud of her little funny.  She ate fistfuls of fresh mint, too.  We tried explaining that it was a meant to complement the soup, but she considered it a main dish. At least her breath was fresh.

“What was your favorite part, Piper?” I asked.

“The bathroom!”

3 thoughts on “It’s Pho-tastic

  1. Our family loves pho, too. Have you ever had a bubble tea? My kids love them… My personal favorite is the taro milk tea with bubbles. Yum….now, I’m hungry.

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