If I Was President

During this presidential election season, it seems only fair that I share Piper’s first official campaign speech. At least that’s what we think it was. It happened during dinner. Sissy asked how Piper’s day was and this is what she got:

“If I was President, I would tell everyone to respect each other and to spend less money on toys. They’re wasting all the city’s money on toys. And guns,” Piper said. I think she even slammed her fist on her napkin for emphasis.

“Um,” Piper’s dad replied, “how would you do that?”

“Well,” the candidate began, “everyone should be kind and no one should fight.”

“And how do we stop people from fighting?” Sissy wondered.

“Like I said, they fight over toys. And guns. So, let’s take those away and no one will fight anymore.”

Candidate Piper managed to avoid the original question, but she won my vote anyway.

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