Pressing Rewind

Piper has been trying on a few things lately. Some of them don’t fit. Like backtalking your Mom. It’s a minor misstep. One of her favorite playmates has more success with it than Piper’s experienced. You know what they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Piper just drew a zero tolerance Mom.

After a few minutes in time out today, Piper curled in my arms and said, “Can we go back to yesterday? Yesterday had ice cream and I wasn’t in trouble. Yesterday was better than today.” It’s true, baby.  Sometimes we all need a rewind button.  Or maybe a fast forward one. Or maybe just an ice cream button. That I can probably do.

4 thoughts on “Pressing Rewind

  1. I scream for ice cream, though kindly request that children say please and thank you first… Piper is right about the rewind button.

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