Taxidermists Need Not Apply

Piper has been debating the merits of her stuffed animals recently.  Her bed is currently inhabited by more than fifty fuzzy creatures.  She’s always claimed that sharing her bed with so many things was cozy, despite my protest.

She’s begun to worry, though, that stuffed animals are for babies.  Piper is a big girl.  We all know that.  4 and a half is huge.  That half matters.

“I’m thinking of giving them all up,” Piper said at breakfast. “I don’t need stuffed animals anymore.”

“Whenever you’re ready, P.  There’s no rush,” I answered.

Piper slowly turned toward me, her eyes trailing me up and down.

“Know what I really need, Mom?”


“A stuffed you.  Then I’d be really cozy and warm. I could cuddle you whenever I need to and keep you with me all the time.”

Creepy Piper scares me just a little. I think we’ll invest in more cute stuffed animals in our near future.

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