Professor Piper

I’m a working mom. Who isn’t? But sometimes I leave my house and work outside the home, too.  After a long day of teaching, I like to kick off my heels, peel off my suit jacket, and sit down with a Piper.

Tonight Piper decided that there really wasn’t much to this Professor gig.  It looked pretty easy. You just need a jacket, red heels, and cool black sunglasses.

I assure you that I almost never wear a pink tutu to work, but I’d consider those tights with the silver hearts. I might be able to pull that off. I doubt my students would take syntax and diction seriously if I were dressed like a ballerina, though. They have a hard enough time all ready.

“Oh my,” Piper said. “Listen to this!” Apparently, that’s how I lecture in my classroom. I would actually say something like that if I found an awesome sentence on a student paper.

And sometimes I dance.  Tap dance. That part may be true.

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