When in Doubt, Decor Yourself

Piper loves a good holiday decoration. If it were up to her, our house would be one revolving party complete with balloons and streamers.  When you’re a Piper, there’s always something to celebrate.

This afternoon we decided to get our house ready for spring.  The cherry blossoms, tulips, and azaleas are blooming all over town. It’s enough inspiration to make me want to clean a closet. Almost. Apparently, though, spring had already sprung and the three stores we went to were clean out of your usual Easter fare.  Piper came up with her own solution.

She turned herself into a flower for the rest of the afternoon.  Then we printed out some Easter eggs and bunnies for coloring and made our own window decorations. Oh, and I’m pleased to introduce you to the latest addition to our menagerie.  Meet Nick and Sally:

They’re noisy little chicks, but they fit in well in our house, if you know what I mean.

2 thoughts on “When in Doubt, Decor Yourself

  1. Nick and Sally Chick look like a friendly couple. Love Target for the flower headbands and other treasures in their dollar section. My daughter has the purple version. 🙂

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