Just a Little Off the Top, Please

I took Piper to get a haircut today.  She’s been growing out her locks ever since she saw Tangled, but Piper isn’t as willing to sit still for Mother Gothel’s brushing.

Mother Gothel became young again when Rapunzel sang and she..

You might remember her adventures in self styling in Drunk Dialing or Something Like It where “childrens get mad at their daddies” who suggest the necessity of hair brushes. Crazy ideas, I know. I don’t make a big fuss about clothes or hair.  I’m more of the pick your battles variety.  If you want to wear a hot pink tutu over every outfit for a year, go for it.  But the morning routine has become a battle of hair brushing wills. Luckily, Cousin Olivia was visiting last week with her adorable new haircut.  Piper took one look and said, “I want to look like Livi!” It seemed too easy.  So, I took Piper and Sissy in today for trims.  Piper got a little stage fright once she was in the chair, but I reminded her of the “Livi look.”

“Okay, Mom.  But just a little cut, okay?”

“Absolutely,” I agreed. “Just a few inches.”  I held up my fingers behind Piper’s back to indicate about six inches to the stylist.

“Just a little. Just like Livi’s, right?” I nodded yes.

“Wait. Show me,” she said. The stylist showed Piper where she was going to cut. The hair would still be down the middle of her back.  Entirely pigtail worthy.

“Okay,” Piper said. “But let’s just cut one side.”

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