Honk Honk Splat Splat

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to stop blogging about poop. But this blog is about Piper and poop happens to be one of her favorite topics. It’s February, so it’s time to break all resolutions anyway. Here goes.

We see many interesting things on our walk home from school every day. Last week Piper and Dad watched local firefighters practice ice rescues in the pond at our park. They cut a hole in the ice, put out some orange cones, crawled on their bellies, and pretended to rescue a dummy from the icy depths.

Our walk home always includes geese. They waddle about on the path honking and pooping. I’m not sure geese do anything else but waddle, honk, and poop. They poop a lot. Piper thinks they should learn to control themselves a little.

Goose Poop

“Gosh,” Piper said, observing their excrement, “if gooses had their own house, it would be very messy.”

“I wouldn’t want to live there,” Dad agreed. “It would smell awful.”

Piper pretended to waddle and poop behind the geese until she came to a splat. Then she leapt over and resumed waddling and imitation pooping.

“If gooses ruled the world,” she said, “there would be poop EVERYWHERE!”

Thank goodness they don’t.

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