Morning Exams

Morning snuggles often catch me off guard. I’m half asleep. I stayed up too late grading essays. I haven’t had coffee. Piper’s brain, however, has been churning. She’s ready for heavy stuff.

“Mom, do you believe in God?”

“I do.”

“Mom, do you believe in Santa?”

“I do.”

“If you’re naughty, do they both know?”

“I don’t know.”

“If God and Santa asked if I was naughty, would you lie for me?”

“No, Piper. I wouldn’t lie for you. But you aren’t naughty.”

“I know. I was just testing you. I talk to those guys, too, you know.”

8 thoughts on “Morning Exams

      • I am a high school english teacher. I have considered trying to get a job at university. I still might at some point. However, I know at this point (no PHd. and no plans to go for one) it would be as an adjunct so the $ is limited.
        Anyway, enjoy grading the essays. I hope they are not too repetitive and boring.

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