Want Some Candy?

Piper sold her Halloween candy. Not all of it, of course. Her dentist buys back the sugar for $2 a pound. Isn’t that cool? So Piper and Sissy sat and sorted the hard candy definitely rot your teeth stuff from the chocolate maybe rot your teeth stuff and hauled it to the good doctor. “You think he knows that’s not all of it?” Piper whispered. I said he probably did. He handed over $2 bills anyway and entered their names into a drawing for $100. Then the real negotiations began.

“Sissy, if you win the $100, will you split it with me?” Piper asked.

“No, but I’ll give you some if I win if you give me some if you win,” Sissy countered.

“Like how much?”

“Like 70-30.”

“How about 60-60?”

“That doesn’t make sense, Piper.”

“Okay. Deal.”

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