Storm Prepping

I know. I know. Sandy is on her way. My mom has called from Florida to make sure we are storm prepping. That’s when you know the weather is about to get real. We’ve got the essentials: water, cash, gas, food, batteries, radio. In the last few years (between the Midwest and the East Coast) we’ve experienced two earthquakes, two derechos, and weeks without power. We know what to do. First and foremost, say good-bye to the beautiful fall foliage. Sandy and her hurricane force winds will steal all the gold. So Piper and I spent some time on our front porch saying adieu to our favorite tree, which we’ve checked in with every day and watched change from green to brilliant red.

Now we’d like that beautiful tree and its pending nakedness to stay right where it is and not on our roof, thank you. Piper has another storm prepping plan.

“If the power goes out, Mom, we should just be naked. Like the tree. That way we won’t have to do laundry since the washing machine won’t work,” said Piper, the professional storm prepper.

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