UnWacky Your Tacky

It’s Spirit Week at Sissy and Piper’s school. Every day they are supposed to dress up. Monday was sports team day. Tuesday was hat day. Wednesday is Wacky Tacky. You get the idea. It’s been a fun week, but last night, dress up hit a speed bump.

“What’s Wacky Tacky?” Piper asked.

“You wear mismatched clothes. Crazy stuff. Fun stuff. You know. Like a costume,” Sissy explained. “Here. I’ll show you.” Sissy took Piper into her room to share the outfit she’d picked out: tie dye shirt, floral scarf as a belt, mismatched socks, two different earrings, silver shift, day glow belts, etc.

Piper went to her own closet and started pulling out accessories. The rainbow dress, of course, polka dot socks, silver strands of beads, a blue tutu, rainbow sunglasses, and two different sparkly shoes. “That’s perfect, P. Very wacky tacky,” I said. “You’ll look great.”

Piper looked over her outfit one last time. I assumed she was trying to work in one more rainbow something. “But that’s not wacky tacky,” she said. “That looks like what I wear every day.”

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