An Oreo Autopsy

Grandma and Grandpa are visiting Piper and Sissy this week. We caregivers (my partner and I) are entirely optional. Piper and Sissy are the stars of the show. That’s means our norms and fancy rules hardly apply. And that’s why Piper gets to eat this for dessert:

halloween oreos

I know, right? Piper is a fiend with a Halloween Oreo. Who could resist their five Boo-rific shapes? Most people fall into the eat them whole vs. deconstruction category. Piper has developed her own Oreo eating method. I call it the autopsy.

She dissects it piece by piece until she discovers it’s true orange dye and chocolate mystery. Then it disappears.

Halloween Oreos fall into the the grandparent’s prerogative category. And Piper never wants the grandparents or the Oreos to leave.

3 thoughts on “An Oreo Autopsy

  1. My way to eat oreos is not quite as messy as Piper’s – I take the lid off and eat what is left–which is one layer of cookie and lots of inner bad stuff – I will not tell you what I do with the lid–the Oreo police would come after me

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