Walking to School

Every morning Sissy and Piper walk to school together. They hold hands on their commute. I watch them from a bench on our front porch. You can, too. They’re the ones at the front of the line. You’ll spy Piper’s blue tutu.

Then they walk home together after school. Sissy’s teacher dismisses her first. Piper waits in the kindergarten classroom for her pickup. I’m waiting on the same bench at home for their return, but I can imagine the moment when they see each other again. It’s not a chore they have to do together. Sissy doesn’t think it’s a burden. They enjoy walking to school together and walking home together. They always hold hands. There will be a day, I’m sure, when they won’t. And it will come sooner than I’m ready for, but for now, for this moment, this is the commute, and I’m savoring it.

One afternoon Sissy was a few minutes late picking up Piper. Her art teacher held them over the time to clean up. It worried Piper. “I thought you forgot me,” she told Sissy over their afternoon snack.

“I’d never forget you, P. I was just late,” Sissy explained.

“But I thought you weren’t coming,” Piper said.

Sissy grabbed Piper’s hand. “You’re the most important thing to me in that whole school. I’ll always come get you. I won’t forget. How could I forget you?”

6 thoughts on “Walking to School

    • Sissy is exceptionally nice. I think this is one area where the five years between them works well. They aren’t rivals as much as coconspirators. I’m so happy to hear that your sister is your best friend now. I can see rocky years ahead, but I can also see them being close all grown up.

    • Of course I am! I’m guessing the hormones are helping a bit, too. Holding hands and never forgetting feel even more precious on the verge of Sissy’s growing up. There will be a day when they won’t find each other so lovable, I fear, and then that day will pass and they’ll be friends again. I’m bracing myself. Last night Sissy scooted Piper out of her room for the first time with a gentle “I just need a little privacy.” And so it goes.

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