Drum Circle or Bust

A Piper loves music. And noise. And dancing noisily to music of any kind. When given the choice of musical instruments, Piper chose the drums. Against our better judgement, we got her her very own drum set for her birthday. I blogged about that mistake in her Birthday Blog.

Sometimes we even stumble upon music and add our own kind of noise, like the time we joined the O Street Band.

So, it seems a natural progression in the musical education of Piper to introduce her to her first drum circle. We’re in Asheville, North Carolina for the week (hiding in plain sight of Sissy’s camp because that’s the kind of mom I am). If any town in this country has a drum circle on a Friday night, it’s Asheville. After dinner last night, we went in search. The thing about a drum circle is that they really aren’t that hard to find. Like Piper, a drum circle has a lot of noisy dancing to music of any kind. You can hear them blocks away.

Piper has always marched to the beat of her own drum. It was her first drum circle, but it definitely won’t be her last.

9 thoughts on “Drum Circle or Bust

  1. Melissa,

    Loving all the Piperisms! Are you still in Asheville? I am spending the summer at our mountain house which is only 45 minutes west of Asheville. It would be great to get together with you and your family. What camp did Sissy go to? There are so many great camps around here.

    Let me know if you are still here. I will be over in Asheville Thurs. afternoon.

    I have heard about the drum circle in Asheville, but haven’t been. Sounds very interesting.



    • Martha! So good to hear from you. We’re back in DC now. I have a feeling we’ll be in Asheville next summer, too, and we’ll have to arrange a visit. The food in Asheville was AMAZING and the drum circle was worth the look. There’s music on almost every corner downtown. Next year for sure.

      Thanks for being a loyal blog follower. It’s great to keep in touch this way.


  2. Holy majoly, drum circles. Austin is way into them. Eyeore’s Birthday is a regular thing (usually happening on or around 4/20, go figure, is one big huge hippie/granola drum circle. An entire park is filled to the brim with throbbing rhythm and topless, painted torsos. Boys and girls, obvs. Did you know that it’s legal to be topless in Austin? A little tidbit that makes Eyeore’s one of those things that Keeps Austin Weird.

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