Sleeping Beauty Stalls…Again

Aunt Angela was over for a rousing game of cards last night. Piper did everything she could to get us not to play. Grown ups playing cards means kids going to bed. Everyone knows that. The shuffling of the deck can only mean defeat.

“Want to play Go Fish?” Piper asked. Her voice had that strained cheeriness which means she’s about twenty seconds from a whining fit but knows if she does, it’s all over.

We played Go Fish.

“Want to sing songs?” Piper asked. She shoved the guitar in Daddy’s lap and generously brought him the song book.

We sang Bob Marley’s greatest hits.

“Want to see my rocks?” Piper asked. She dragged out her new gem collection and offered one to every adult on the porch.

We all picked out rocks and appropriately complimented them.

“Want to read books to me?” Piper asked, crawling up in Aunt Angela’s lap. Aunt Angela’s kids are at camp with Sissy. We’re all missing little people crawling up into our laps. Piper can smell our weakness.

Then she whispered in Aunt Angela’s ear, “I like reading books. Lots of them. It’s the best way to get to stay up later. Just ask for more chapters. Works every time.”

And it did.

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