Tasty Freeze

This afternoon we went down to our neighborhood sweet shop, Carmen’s, for a summer treat. Sissy had the gelati, a combination of custard and strawberry lemonade ice. Cousin Tay chose a straight pina colada ice. Piper wanted chocolate anything and multiple trips to the toppings bar. After selecting exactly one of all 26 toppings, Piper delivered the following discovery:

“I know why people cry at weddings. It’s because they’re romantic,” Piper began.

“True,” Sissy agreed, shoveling in more icy goodness. “But why does being romantic make you cry?”

“You see,” Piper continued, “when you’re little, everything is perfect. Then you grow up.”

“And?” Cousin Tay said.

“Your parents cry when you get married because they will miss you,” Piper said. “What else do they have to do? After the wedding, they just go home and cry. Because they’re sad. They’re bored. That makes them cry more. I’m just going to stay little.”

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