Even Sleeping Beauty Stalls

Papa is visiting this week and had the honor of tucking Piper into bed last night.  It can be a full contact sport, but Papa wore the appropriate protective gear.

If you’ve been to our home for dinner, you know that every person within a mile radius is required to come to Piper’s bedside and say good night.  We’ve had a few dinner parties where this made our guests uncomfortable.  “Send up the red head that sat next to whats-his-name!” Piper demands from her throne. You probably know what this ritual is actually about: The Great Stall.  Papa said last night went like this:

Piper: “I’m hot.”

Papa: “Let’s take the quilt off. You can sleep with just a sheet.”

Piper: “I’m cold.”

Papa: “Do you want the quilt back?”

Piper: “No. I need the pink blanket from my closet.”

Papa: “There.  Now you should be comfortable. Good night.”

Piper: “I’m still cold.  I need the other blanket, too.”

Papa: “Okay. Now bedtime.”

Piper: “I’m sweating now. Can I take off my pants?”

Papa: “Whatever makes you comfortable. It’s time for bed, Piper.”

After several rounds of stalling Piper finally admitted her agenda. “Papa,” she said. “I think I really just don’t want to go to bed.”

7 thoughts on “Even Sleeping Beauty Stalls

  1. Love it!! At 6.5 Em still stalls. In fact I am so accustomed to replying to all requests with “Good night!!” that she just yelled from the bus stop “Have a great day, Mom!!” and I replied “Good night!!”

  2. I felt honored when Piper requested a goodnight from me! And when she was done with me, it was all “send up Janelle next” or “now I want to talk with Brenna.” You have to be made of strong stuff to say no to a Piper.

  3. That’s Piper, i felt honored too. But once I did what she wanted it was, will you send in Tayler, or can you ask Rainy to come in. Ya sure, I see how you like me now, love you to. But we have all learned the easy and hard ways that you cant say no to Piper, or the guilt gets to ya. Love you guys, and miss you.

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