Lady in Lavender

Piper fell in love yesterday. The object of her affection was a “fairy dress” at Kohl’s. We were shopping for summer sandals when Piper came around the corner and saw it. “OMG!” she shouted. “There it is! The dress I’ve always dreamed about!” She ran to it and embraced its lavender taffeta goodness on the plastic hanger.  Then she danced with it. She and her lavender love twirled about knocking into other racks of inferior clothing. The relationship was already to second base by the time I reached her. “Can I try it on? Please!” Piper begged.  Her Sissy had an arm full of shorts and t-shirts by then so I figured the dress would keep Piper occupied.  I assessed the sparkles and the flowing cut aways. She wasn’t serious, was she?

“You can try it on, Piper, but that’s it.  We’ll play dress up,” I said.

Piper ran to the dressing room, shedding her beloved pink tutu as she went.

She’s fallen in love with items of clothing before. Remember Sissy’s blog about the Rainbow of Fruit Flavors? Then there was her love of the one ballet shoe in Homemade Magic. A Piper is always fashionable.

Piper spent the next thirty minutes admiring herself in the dressing room mirror.  The dress transformed her. “I look like a grownup,” Piper claimed. “Duh.” Apparently, all grownups do is say “duh” in a sarcastic voice. Piper could use a few better role models.

You probably know how the dress saga ended.  I really did go in with the best intentions to indulge her fantasy but to be practical in the end.  But could you say no to this?

The lady in lavender found her new home.

8 thoughts on “Lady in Lavender

  1. Going shopping for this with her does help me feel your pain. She hugged that dress when she saw it like her Pinkie, and refused to take it off until I told her a story. Seriously, I have NO idea where we got her. Probably Mars!

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