Calling All Piperisms!

You have stories, too.  You’ve probably seen this kid in action.  You’ve heard rumors of her antics and adventures.  I’d love to listen.  I want your piperisms. You can post them in the comment field below or you can email them to me and I’ll share them for you.  We may even vote on our favorite.  Let the piperisms begin!

4 thoughts on “Calling All Piperisms!

  1. Piper: Dad, you smell like arm pits
    Me: I’ve been holding you all day, so that must be how YOU smell
    Piper: no, my armpits are like roses

  2. Ok, I have a Piperism to share. One thing you need to know about Piper to get this experience is she can be extremely affectionate, snuggly and loving. She wraps her sweet round little arms around your neck and cuddles into you and you are a goner. So that was the scene as we were resting one afternoon after what was a very busy holiday season. She half asleep. Me so content in grandmother heaven. Piper looks up at me (inches from my face) and says in a serious soft tone, “Nana, when I grow up I want to be just like you.”

    I was a bit surprised. “Gee, honey, that is such a sweet thing to say,” I responded assuming my grandmothering was so affirmed. Then, not content to leave well enough alone, I made the mistake of asking this next question. “In what way, honey?” And her quick and easy reply. “Old!”

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