1st Day of Kindergarten: Sissy’s View

Since Sissy’s in charge of walking the Piper to and from school, she’s going to report on the big first day. From the desk of kindergarten, here’s another blog from Sissy:

Today was Piper’s first day of kindergarten. She started the day with her usual grumpiness but when she remembered that it was the first day, fits of screaming joy followed. Kindergarten is the next big thing. Her life goals, she once told me, are to say hi to her kindergarten teacher and buy all the My Little Ponies at Toys R Us.

We departed for school after struggling horribly not to take school pictures.  Her are the fruits of my parents’ labor:

When we got to school we had to stand with my dad waiting for the school doors to open. My friends fawned over Piper and she agreed. “I guess I am pretty cute,” Piper said. I always tell her that if she doesn’t make friends in kindergarten, at least she’ll have friends in fifth grade.

Then we found our classrooms. I might of shed a tear. Just a little one.

I saw her later in the day during the first day fire drill. She said she got separated from her class, but she was waving at me and smiling like crazy in her class line, so you can’t really tell. Then, after struggling to get out of the building because of all the parents and confusion, we got to the bottom of the first day. She has a nice teacher, she met some few friends, they didn’t get enough recess (yeah, right), and she had her first music class. At first I wasn’t sure she had had music class. “We went to see the music teacher,” Piper said. “She was super cool and sang us a song about bees. Then we went and danced to a funny song.”

“Umm. Piper. Did you have music class or just visit the music teacher?” I asked.

“Well… if you mean did I get to play my drums, then no. But I did have fun!”

Piper did a dance that looked like the funky chicken to demonstrate.

“I love school? Do we have it tomorrow?” Piper asked.

“Tomorrow is Tuesday. We have school on Tuesdays,” I told her. “Do you want me to teach you the days of the week?”

“No. But when is my Halloween party?”

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